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    Travel Clever offers several payment methods: Credit/Debit Card and PayPal. All payments options are securely processed via the respective third-parties: Braintree for credit and debit cards, PayPal for PayPal payments. You do not require a PayPal account to use the Credit/Debit Card option.

    We accept Visa and MasterCard only.

    If you are experiencing issues with PayPal, please contact those companies directly about the issue. Travel Clever is unable to correct issues relating to these payment methods as we do not control them. These companies keep your information safe - even from Travel Clever - and therefore will not deal with us directly on matters, only with you as their customer.

    If you are having difficulty checking out or paying with your credit card - please verify your payment details that your card is active and that it has the correct funds available. If this is definitely the case and you are still experiencing issues, please email our Customer Care team at customerservice@travelclever.com for further assistance.

    In the event that you suspect you have placed a duplicate order, please email Customer Care at customerservice@travelclever.com immediately so that we can investigate the issue and have the duplicate order payment reversed before it is processed. Any duplicate orders that have been shipped before Travel Clever has been notified will be refunded once the order has been returned to our Returns Address.

    All payments to Travel Clever are securely processed using industry-grade TSL security. Your credit card number and PayPal login details are secured with and solely by them. Travel Clever is never, at any time, able to see your credit card information including the name, number, expiry and CVV. Travel Clever is never able to see your PayPal account information, only the username or email address with which your account is associated.


    All prices on travelclever.com are displayed in Australian Dollars (AUD), United States Dollars (USD), British Pound (GBP) or Euro (EUR) as specified by your selected currency option. Prices displayed in a particular currency will also be charged in that currency. Travel Clever does not set prices based on the current exchange rate, and will not be held responsible if any particular item's price in AUD, USD, GBP or EUR does not reflect the current exchange rate. You are welcome to view and purchase in either currency at any time.

    In any case where a price is displayed on travelclever.com without a currency indicator (AUD or USD) such as "$78.60" - it is to be assumed that this is Australian Dollars (AUD).

    During correspondence, customer service agents will clearly indicate if and when they are not dealing with your chosen currency.